Warehouse Clearance (p6)

Memorabilia & Collectibles


Ferrari neon wall clock (new).....sold. There are 2 Corvette neon clocks (new), at $350.00ea.


Stained Glass BMW sign (approx 24" x 24").........$650.00


Vintage 1 gallon bottom of Smirnoff Vodka -removed from box to be photographed. Pink seal is still in place although the white label at the base of the cap is slightly unraveled. I believe this was purchased back in the 60's. Includes pump dispenser. Empty bottles are being listed on Ebay for around $100 and this one is still factory sealed......$150.00 .


Vintage Bell Atlantic (Sanbar) Caller ID box (1991) .......$60.00


Raleigh Super Tourer bicycle (from the 70's) (Pickup only, in Northern NJ)..... My roommate in college (Greg Honn...Milano Sport) was a bicycle and BMW enthusiast. The love for BMW's stuck with me over the years but the bike got parked in the garage and later this overflow storage unit. The seat was never very comfortable for me....I think I've ridden it less than 10 miles since new. Tire rubber has degraded and the tires will need to be replaced. Sale price - $450.00

Note - please don't be one of the 2-3 people that calls me every 6 months offering $200-250 for this bike. If it doesn't sell at close to the asking price, I'll hang in on the wall in my garage/workshop as a piece of memorabilia from the 70's.


Bike is a little dirty....I didn't have a chance to detail it for the photos.


Reynolds 531 aluminum frames were a big deal back then....now everything's titanium or carbon fiber.


24 1/2" frame/seat tube (assuming I measured it properly). Seat/Saddle is by Brooks.


Right side view


Manuals that came with the bicycle when new (from Ridgewood Cycle in NJ)


Vintage Dunlop and Wilson Tennis balls (sealed cans).........$5.00ea


Castrol GP Racing Oil - 30w . Purchased years ago for use in BMW standard transmissions (same as a 75/85w gear oil). Great memorabilia for a collector car garage! Some of the cans may have weeped a little oil over the last 35 years and are not completely full but all are factory sealed and in great shape. Limited supply....$7.50/qt .


Old oil cans are selling for considerably more on Ebay. The ones I have left are in better condition with better graphics.



BMW Roundel magazines from the early 70's (excellent condition) - 7 issues......$40.00


BMW Roundel magazines-2001 (excellent condition) - 12 issues......$30.00


BMW Roundel magazines-2002 (excellent condition) - 11 issues (missing June)......$28.00


Vintage Sales Brochures - Auto & Motorcycle (70's & 80's)

Porsche, BMW (auto & motorcycle), Ferrari, Opel, Audi

Pricing and additional photos upon request - also available through McLellans and other online retailers


Lot of Porsche Brochures above - $350.00 (12 brochures + 2 Technical Data sheets)



Lot of BMW Brochures above - $350.00 (16 brochures - CS brochure is shown twice)


Pair of Ferrari Brochures above - $100.00


Misc Brochures from the 70's and 80's (excellent condition).....$20.00ea



Bag of Silver Dimes (pre-1965) - Approx 500 dimes. Actual weight is 2.764 lbs (44.224oz). Excludes the weight of the plastic bag)........$1,000.00 including shipping & insurance. Payment via Paypal. For sale in US only.


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