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Audio / Video and Photography


Misc audio equipment - Crown (new), McIntosh, AudioControl (new), Boston Acoustics subwoofers (with new drivers), Bang & Olufsen, Onkyo, Threshold (sold), Denon plus a few lasers.

  • Audio Control Avalon amps (200w/ch) - $1150.00ea or $3,000 for all 3 - these were $1600ea when purchased. New!

  • Crown CTS600 amps (300w/ch) - $750.00ea or $2,000 for all 3 - these were $1295ea when purchased. New!

  • Crown 28M mixer (pre-amp) - $350.00 - was $595 when purchased. New!


Lasers - Extreme Laser...Jet Laser is $100.00, Club Laser is $100.00....both are new but without the original boxes.







Philips CDV488 LaserDisc Player (with Remote) - Cosmetically in mint condition...used very little. Unfortunately, the door will no longer open when turned on....presumably from dried grease (from lack of use) or a stretched belt. It's very common for LD players that sit for awhile to have stretched out load belts and upon pulling the cover, that appears to be the problem here. When this happens, the tray won't open and/or the laser assembly won't rise.

Someday I'll revisit the problem and try a new belt (a properly sized o-ring will work in a pinch). Meanwhile the unit is being sold "as is" for parts or for repair if you're technically inclined. Very solid machine and among the best LD/multi-players ever made. Plays 3", 5", 8" and 12" CD's and laserdisks. See article from 1989 about the CDV488.

Also includes the RC-CDV488 Remote (powered on 8/12/20...untested with the player), like new still in the factory bag (this was $500 by itself when the unit came out). The Player and Remote are sale priced together at $350.00.



Onkyo TX-8511 Receiver (100w x 2).........never used. See details......$230.00



Middle Atlantic AV-SXR Slide-out Rotating Rack - 24 rackspaces (AX-SXR-24). Like new. This rack is used for flush-mounting equipment into millwork/cabinetry. Popular for home use with home theatre or central audio/video/security. See website link for additional photos. Retail price is approx $1,400ea new. (Does NOT include service tracks, rack accessories or equipment.).........sale priced at $650.00.


Cameras and Lenses


Old cameras from the 60's, 70's and 80's


EF Lenses (many unused) with original boxes and lense accessories


Canon 550EX TTL flash and ML3 Macro ring-light flash (both have been never used). Canon EF100/2.8 Macro lense in like new condition. I purchased these 3 items new through Bergen County Camera here in NJ. Since I've also acquired a lot of used equipment through KEH over the years, the rating next price below is based on KEH standards. Online "used lense" price database.

  • 550EX - $295.00 (LN)
  • ML3 - $195.00 (LN)
  • EF100/2.8 Macro with Hoya UV filter (non-USM) - $350.00 (LN)


Canon EF28-70mm (2.8) and 70-200 (non-IS 2.8) "L" zoom lenses in like new condition. Also a 1.4x and 2x extender (never used) and Tilt/Shift 24mm lense (also never used). I purchased these new and have kept them in dry storage over the years. They will be replaced with current production Canon lenses. These are sold with all of the original boxes, hood and caps. Filter were put on immediately after purchase to protect the class and have been stored in a collection display as shown .

  • EF 28-70 F2.8L Ultrasonic Zoom lense.........SOLD (LN)
  • EF 70-200 f2.8L Ultrasonic Zoom lense (non-IS)........$975.00 (LN)
  • EF 24mm f3.5L TS-E Tilt & Shift lense.....$950.00 (LN)
  • EF 1.4x Extender (series i).....$140.00 (LN)
  • EF 2x Extender (series i)........$200.00 (LN)

Online "used lense" price database.


Canon EF17-35mm f2.8L Zoom lense (on the 5D) in like new (LN) condition.....$950.00. Includes original box, hood and protective sleeve. Filter was put on the lense day 1 to protect the glass. Camera bodies are not for sale.

Online "used lense" price database.


Canon EF400/II f2.8L - New. This lense has never been used. This is a Series II (non-IS) that I purchased from Bergen County camera. Sale priced at $6,000.00 (current version is approx $11,000 at B&H).


Selection of Canon FD lenses (kept in a temp/humidity controlled environment). These are lenses (some purchased new back in the 70's) that have been kept in a controlled environment as part of my Canon collection.


Extra Canon film camera bodies....some for parts, some in good to excellent condition. Includes Canon A2 (x2), A2e (x2), T50 (x1), T90 (x3), 850 (x1), EF (x1), FTv (x1) and Rebel Ti (x1)


FLIR E60 Thermal Imager (320x240) - purchased new (April 2013) but I will be replacing it with a T-series camera. Retail is $7995.00. Sale priced at $6,895.00 (firm). Includes 2 batteries with quick charger and Pelican style storage case.


Telescopes and Eyepieces


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