Warehouse Clearance (p3a)

BMW Automotive Parts (60's, 70's 80's and 90's)

After 35 years, I'm finally getting out of the BMW parts business. It's tough to compete with the deep discount online dealers and wholesalers, especially with $10 flat rate shipping. I've still got a sizeable inventory, most of it for pre-2000 BMW models. I'll continue to sell off items individually throughout the year with additional photos and details added to the site.

See inventory links by model below. Some items have been sold out. The Excel price file shows current price and availability. Additional deep discounts for LOT purchases.....


BMW Cylinder heads...11121250017, 11121264785, 11121272649 (complete with cam & valvetrain), 11121278702, and 11129068832 (M535). Also shown are brake drums, rotors and shoes for pre-1990 models including rear 2800cs drums. Facom cylinder head stands also available for purchase.


BMW Camshafts (3 in stock) - #11311707151 (535i/635i/735i...E28/E24/E23) - $250.00ea. #11311287606 (535i/735i...E34/E32) - $300.00ea.


BMW Miscellaneous parts for 1600/2002, 320i, and other models 68-91 (Ref-Drawer 9e)(click on photo to enlarge for further detail)


BMW thermostat & water pump gaskets and o-rings, radiator mounting hardware, etc (69-91 models)


BMW connector plugs, washer pumps, washer nozzles (68-91 models)


BMW transmission seals and shifter hardware (68-99 models)


BMW trans mounts, 320i glove box straps, shifter knuckles and door latch covers (69-99 models)


BMW ignition switches, 2002 vent window frames, shift boots, a/t gaskets & seals (68-91)


BMW thermostats, 320i and other heater valves, sunroof hardware, 320i ashtrays, fan clutches, expansion tank, radiator caps & P21s metal polish


BMW Switches and Ignition Parts


Osram Bulbs and BMW bulb holders


Misc BMW molding and trim hardware


More BMW clips and hardware

Exhaust and wheel hardware


Oil filters and Lubrication tools


Spark plugs, coils & misc Facom titanium and copper beryllium wrenches


Diff mounts and front/rear wheel bearings & hardware


BMW Steering and suspension parts and hardware


BMW Clutch & flywheel parts, coils & ignition, ABS speed sensors, brake & clutch hydraulics


My old warehouse got flooded last year and heavy items on the lower shelves were exposed to water. Some of the rotors and drums have light to heavy rust and are priced accordingly. Parts still in the original manufacturer boxes were not affected.


BMW switches - headlight, hazard, foglight, etc.


BMW window switches, VDO sending units, central locking switches, etc


BMW rear defrost switches, foglight switches, blower switches, etc.


Porsche headlight relays (for 911), 911 turbo parts.


Headlight and rear defrost switches (E24), rear defrost switches (E23)


Misc small BMW brake hardware


Piston and clutch sets for BMW, starters and alternators for BMW.


BMW steering/suspension/axle parts and Lista cabinet accessories.


Boge Shocks and Lobro Halfshafts for BMW


BMW Radiators, condensors and oil coolers.


Tail Lenses - 530i (75-76)(E12) - these are NLA through BMW. Part numbers 63211354431 & 63211354432.....$280ea list before they were discontinued. I have 7 of each side in the original equipment mfg boxes. $99.00ea or $150.00/pair.


BMW Lense & Lamp assemblies, marker assemblies, headlight buckets, fog lights, etc


Window Regulators- E21 (320i), E24 (633/635), E23 (733/735) and E28 (528/533/535)


Breather Hoses - BMW (same hoses - 2 different views) - all are OEM or German - $100 for the selection above or will sell individually (detail listing coming soon)


Wiper Motors (OEM) - E21 (both Bosch & SWF versions), E23, E24 and E28

  • 61611373385 (E28)
  • 61611373187 (E23, 83-87)
  • 61611386157 (E24, 83-89)
  • 61611366527 (E21)(SWF)
  • 61611366528 (E21)(Bosch)


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