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Tim & Charlie Maggio


  • Teresa (Tim) Maggio (1919-2004)
  • Charles Maggio (1920-1974)
  • Audrey Monlezun (b.1949)(Dallas, TX)
  • Eric M. Capone (b.1977)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Paul D. Capone (b.1979)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Edward Maggio (1952-1983)
  • Mary Ann Guidry


(city/state shown is current residence)


Family Photos

Wedding photo - Tim and Charlie


Tim and John


Tim with John and Mama


Tim at Mama's house (1940's)


Tim and Charley (1940's)


Rose Monachello with Edward Maggio (1952)



Joe D'Gerolamo and Charlie Maggio


Diane D'Gerolamo and Audrey Maggio


Edward Maggio and Steve D'Gerolamo


Josie, Edward and Steve (Baton Rouge, 1967)


Tim, Audrey and Eric


Paul Capone (age 2)


Edward at the store




Tim, Yano, Mary, Joan and Bess (1986 - CA)


Tim, Ralph & Mary Alice (NJ-1986)


Josie, Joan, Tim, Francis & Angie Mae (1994-Baton Rouge)


Josie and Tim (1998-Red Bank, NJ)


Tim, Clara, Jimmie, Josie & Pat (1998-Red Bank, NJ)


Joan, Kim, Audrey, Judy and Carmen (NJ-2006)


Mary Alice & Audrey (NJ-2010)


Audrey (and Mark) - (NJ-2010)


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