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Alfred Mehn's Family

Alfred William Mehn (1898-1980) was my mother Joan's father (my grandfather). He spent most of his life in New Orleans, LA. His family roots have been traced back to the early 1800's through his father (Alfred John Mehn) and mother (Eva Krentel).........see their family trees below.

Steve D'Gerolamo


Family Tree for Alfred John Mehn (1872-1946) (click here for expanded view)



Family tree for Eva W. Krentel (1879-1931)


Warren Easton High School State Champions (approx 1915) - Alfred Mehn (bottom left)

Person standing (2nd from the right) was Al's best friend, John Schorling. Other players include ....Eddie O'Hara, Elmo Montz, Leo Ernest, Louis Diare and Gus Schonagel. Person to the right of Al Mehn in the bottom row is James Comiskey.



Alfred W. Mehn


Al and Myrtle (Mitzie) Mehn


Joan Mehn (photo courtesy of Dona Smith)