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Joe & Vita Digirolamo Family

(Joe Digirolamo was the brother of Frank DiGerolamo & Anne DiPuma, son of Carl & Rosa)


Joe and Vita Digirolamo (from Rose Digirolamo Blanchard's family photos)


Frank DiGerolamo had a brother, Joe Digirolamo, who lived in Baton Rouge. He and wife Vita had 9 children. They both died in the mid-30's during an influenza outbreak in Baton Rouge.

Tombstone - Joe and Vita Digirolamo (in Baton Rouge)


Death Certificate for Joe Digirolamo (March 28, 1935)


Death Certificate for Vita Digirolamo (Jan 13, 1936)


Obituaries for Joe and Vita Digirolamo


This obituary makes reference to father Carlo, brother Frank & sister Annie


Nick Digirolamo is Vita's brother. I have extensive details on this wing of the family which can be traced back to the 1600's. Vita was a "Digirolamo" before she married Joe Digirolamo.




9 Children


1. Carl Digirolamo (1900-1976)(Baton Rouge, LA)

2. Nick Digirolamo (1902-1979) & (Baton Rouge, LA)

3. Sam Digirolamo (1912-1998)(Baton Rouge, LA)

4. Mamie Digirolamo Posey (xxxx-1949)(New Orleans, LA)

5. Rose Digirolamo Blanchard (1914-1997)(Baton Rouge, LA)

6. Anthony (Tony) Digirolamo (1920-2000)(Baton Rouge, LA)

7. Frank J. Digirolamo (1905-1976)(Baton Rouge, LA)

8. Henry A. Digirolamo (Baton Rouge, LA)

9. Joseph Digirolamo (Baton Rouge, LA)


Families & Relatives


  • Joseph Digirolamo (1873-1935)
  • Vita Digirolamo (1877-1936)


  • Carl Digirolamo (1900-1976)(Baton Rouge)
  • Rose Bruno Digirolamo
  • Vita Digirolamo Lockwood (Donald Lockwood)(Baton Rouge)
  • Rose Digirolamo Johnson (Rowel Johnson)(Baton Rouge)
  • Joe Digirolamo (Baton Rouge)


  • Nick Digirolamo (1902-1979)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Nancy Cannicci (1) & Josephine Nola (2)
  • Joseph J. Digirolamo (Greenwell Springs, LA)
  • Nicky M. Digirolamo (Baton Rouge, LA)


  • Frank J. Digirolamo (1904-1976)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Mary Maggio Digirolamo (1905-1986)
  • Barbara Digirolamo Thibodaux (John Thibodaux)(Baton Rouge)
  • Mamie Digirolamo Clements (William Clements)(Baton Rouge)
  • Joseph F. Digirolamo (Baton Rouge)


  • Sam Digirolamo (1912-1998)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Annie Lea Kent (1), Jacqueline Logarbo (2) & Yvonne Wascom (3)
  • Joan Digirolamo Fontenot (Viry Fontenot)
  • Sam Michael Digirolamo (Marla DiGirolamo)
  • Robert Digirolamo (Tina DiGirolamo)
  • David Lauret (Fran Lauret)
  • Angela Digirolamo
  • Samantha Digirolamo
  • Rebekah Digirolamo
  • Rhett Digirolamo
  • D'Shea Digirolamo
  • Stephen Lauret
  • Bryant Lauret


  • Mamie Digerolamo Posey (xxxx -1949)(New Orleans, LA)
  • Clarence J. Posey


  • Rose Digirolamo Blanchard (1914-1997)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Leroy G. Blanchard
  • C.J. Posey (Pat Posey)
  • Jeanie Pontiff (Houston)
  • James Posey (Prairieville)


  • Anthony (Tony) Digirolamo (1919-2000)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Alice Cutrer Digirolamo (1925-1978)(1) and Jesse Lois Martin DiGirolamo (2)
  • Vita Alice Digirolamo Wendt
  • David Wendt (Prairieville, LA)
  • Kathy Digirolamo Walton
  • Jeff Walton (Livingston, LA)
  • Polly Digirolamo (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Cindy Digirolamo Pliler
  • Darrell Pliler (Longview, TX)
  • Denise Digirolamo Tatum
  • Ken Tatum (Denham Springs, LA)
  • Anthony Wayne Digirolamo (1)(1951-2006)
  • Judy Ramsey Cox Digirolamo)(Walker, LA)
  • Cory Digirolamo (Elizabeth)
  • Chad Digirolamo
  • Matt Digirolamo
  • Lisa Digirolamo Ackoury (Trey Ackoury)
  • Andrea Digirolamo Hull (Jamie Hull)
  • Alisha Digirolamo Howze (Jacob Howze)
  • David Digirolamo (Watson, LA)(xxxx-2006)


  • Henry A. Digirolamo (1908-1984)(Baton Rouge, LA)
  • Annie Maggio Digirolamo


  • Joseph Digirolamo (Baton Rouge, LA)



Family Photos


Tony and Alice Digirolamo's wedding (courtesy of Cindy Pliler)


Children of Tony and Alice Digirolamo (standing left to right.....Polly, Denise, Kathy, Cindy, David and Vita; and seated, Anthony Digirolamo)



To the Digirolamo Families.......

This website started out as a 1 page sheet of names of my father's brothers/sisters and their children for a 2012 family reunion in Baton Rouge. This was a reunion of the family members of Frank and Bess DiGerolamo (from Perkins Road in Baton Rouge) and the sheet helped me with the names and relationships of all that attended. This is the only family (aunts, uncles and cousins) I knew on my father's side......until recently. My grandfather (Frank) had a sister Annie (DiPuma), also on Perkins Rd, but having only lived in Baton Rouge for a few years at a young age, I never got a chance to meet any of the DiPuma cousins.

At the reunion in 2012, someone mentioned that our grandfather Frank also had a brother. This was news to most of us and none of my cousins, including those that had lived in Baton Rouge all of their lives, had any details. When my 1 page sheet with names started to evolve into a DiGerolamo Family website, I created a home page for Annie (DiGerolamo) DiPuma's family and went to to try and find the 3rd sibling. I uncovered details of Nicholas DiGirolamo's family with 11 children and a strong Louisiana presence (the youngest being John in Falconer, NY....ironically, my father was the youngest of Frank's 11 children and also named John). I suspected this was the missing brother of Frank and Annie but later found out that Nicholas (Nick) was in fact Vita's brother.

In 2014, I began working with a Spedale cousin, Fred (Jody) Acosta in Baton Rouge, who had strong interest in the DiGerolamo/Spedale family genealogy. Jody was the person who found Joe (and your family) as the missing brother of Frank and Annie. The documents and photos at the top of this page are courtesy of, and thanks to, Jody. Regrettably, 3 months after we started working together on this site, Jody passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 43.

I am so glad to have found this missing part of our family. My father and his 10 brothers/sisters were first cousins to Joe and Vita's children yet none of my fellow cousins (2nd Generation) knew you were "family" and I suspect you all knew little or nothing of us. We are blood DNA is in both the and 23andMe databases and my name would come up as a highly likely 2nd-4th cousin to you in their Relationship Database.

I don't know how this failure to connect our families existed for so many years. I'm sorry that it did, but hopeful looking forward that I'll get to know some of my newly found Digirolamo cousins and their families, even if its only through Facebook or email. I want to thank Cindy Pliler as the first (and hopefully not the last) to reach out to me to say "hi" and to share a few family photos.

Steve D'Gerolamo (4/30/17)


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