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Myrtle Haug's Family

Myrtle Violet Haug (1903-1987) was my mother Joan's mother (my grandmother). She spent most of her life in New Orleans, LA with family roots traced back to the early 1800's through her father (George C. Haug)...see his family tree below.

Steve D'Gerolamo


Family Tree for Robert Haug (1843-1900) (click here for expanded view)



Caroline Haug (wife of George Haug) - my great-grandmother


Myrtle Haug (age 18)


Al and Myrtle (Mitzie) Mehn



Joan Mehn (photo courtesy of Dona Smith)


Mitzie Mehn with Cleo Smith and young Dona Smith (photo courtesy of Dona Smith)


Joan's pet, Fuzzy the Sheep (photo courtesy of Dona Smith)



Mitzie Mehn


Myrtle Mehn - at the 148 West Brooks Street house in New Orleans


Joan, Cher and Elaine (1989)


Joan and Diane Haug (1989)


Joan and Elaine (Cape Canaveral-2004)


Bob & Carol Melanson (1959) - with Mark D'Gerolamo


John D'Gerolamo with Mark, Steve and Diane. Also David Melanson (age 4 1/2), Carolyn & Roberta Melanson (age 2) and Donna Melanson (age 3 1/2)


Roberta & Caroline Melanson (1959)


John, Mark and Diane (1959)


Donna, George, Paula, Caroline David and Roberta