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Family of Antonino Roppolo (Overview)

The Family of Joe & Mary Domino

(Mary Roppolo Domino was the sister of Bess DiGerolamo)


Bessie Roppolo DiGerolamo had a sister, Mary Roppolo Domino, who lived in Rockford, IL. Mary Domino had 12 children. These children would be my first cousins to my father (John D'Gerolamo) and his siblings (Carl, Tony, Rose, etc.)

The DiPuma, Roppolo and Domino Family trees should also be considered as part of the DiGerolamo genealogy.


Joe and Mary (Roppolo) Domino


Giuseppe Domina (Joseph Domino) (1-17-1869, Roccamena - 7-12-1939, Rockford, Il) wed Maria (Mary) Roppolo (12-25-1875, Poggioreale - 2-19-1942, Rockford, Il) on 2-25-1895, Roccamena. Witnesses: Carlo Alduino and Antonino Virgadamo. He was the son of Francesco Domina and Francesca Campisi. She was the daughter of Antonino Roppolo and Giovanna Citta`. They arrived with children Francesco, Antonino and Francesca in New York aboard the S.S. California on 10-28-1898 en route to New Orleans. They were buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Rockford Il.



  • Giuseppe Domina (Joseph Domino) (1869-1939)
  • Maria (Mary) Roppolo (1875-1942)


  • Frank J. Domino (1894-1930)(#1)
  • Catherine Abene Domino (1901-1992)

A. Marie Domino (b.1925) wed Walter Mentek (1913-1961)

1. Kenneth Walter Mentek (1943-1997) wed Charlene Meeker.

a. Dawn Marie Mentek (b.1964) wed Vern Bader.

b. Ronald Steven Mentek (b.1966) wed Bonnie Jean Milner.

2. James Allen Mentek (b.1946) wed Maureen Jacobs (div)

a. James Mentek, Jr. (b.1965) wed Janice.

b. Laura Ann Mentek (b.1966) wed James LeRoy Rajk

c. Ian Mentek (b.1986) wed Jennifer McAlpine

3. Ronald Christopher Mentek (b.1948) wed Lynda Aderman (WI)

4. Marie Camille Mentek (b.1950) wed David A. Greathouse (WI)

a. William Greathouse (B.1971)

5. Gary John Mentek (b.1952) wed Elizabeth Singer (WI)

a. Michelle Mentek (b.1973) wed Joshua W. Dumke

b. Trisha Nicole Mentek (b.1977) wed Christopher McRoberts

c. Sara Beth Mentek (b.1985)

d. Kelsey Brooke Mentek (b.1992)

6. Kathryn Ann Mentek (b.1954) wed Steven M. Crane (IN)

a. Steven Martin Crane (b.1973) wed Lori Put.

b. Ryan Crane (b.1976) wed Lynn Mikus

B. Angelina Domino (b.1930) (Kenosha, WI)


  • Anthony Domino (1896-1978)(#2)
  • Lucy Frances Ingrassia Domino (1906-1996)

A. Maryjo Domino (b.1927) wed John Eric Pritz (b.1925)

1. John Eric Pritz, Jr (1951-1985) wed Anne Elinor Nelson

2. Lucy Marie Pritz (b.1954) wed James Pirages (IL)

3. Anthony Thomas Pritz (b.1958) wed Beth Lynn (Uronch) Johnson (IL)

4. William Joseph Pritz (b.1963) wed Dawn Donelli (IL)

B. Anthony Joseph Domino (b.1936) wed (Margaret) Jean Graham (b.1937)

1. Joan Marie Domino (b.1959) wed (1st marriage) Mark Alan Carter; wed (2nd marriage) Gene Robin Belter; wed (3rd marriage) Timothy Lee McDougal

2. Kateri Mary Domino (b.1961) (IL)

3. Lucy Margaret Domino (b.1962) wed Scott William Jacobs (IL)

4. Anthony Joseph Domino (b.1963)(Chicago, IL)

5. John David Domino (b.1964) wed Margo Mary Yucevicius (WI)

6. Paul Edward Domino (b.1966) wed Jill Renee Larson (IL)

7. Edward Graham Domino (b.1969) wed Wendy Christine Schrader (IL)

8. Maryjo Domino (b.1970) wed Michael John Seger (IL)


  • Francesca Domina (Frances Domino) (1897-****)(#3)


  • John Joseph Domino (1899-1977)(#4)
  • Lillian Elizabeth Capriola Domino (1900-1985)(1st wife)
  • Lula Mae (Tielke) Buchanan (1912-1994)(2nd wife)

A. Mary Patricia Domino (b.1924) wed (1st marrage) Anthony V. Germano (1917-2011)(1st Marriage) and wed (2nd marriage) Henry Gordon Michel (1917-1993) (Rockford, IL)

1. Sharon Michel (b.1948) wed Krist M. Montalbano

a. Matthew Michel Montalbano (b.1975) wed Natalie Catherine Novak

b. Mark A. Montalbano (b.1978) wed Marissa.

2. Deborah Michel (b.1950) wed John S. Bartelli (IL)

a. Michel Bartelli (b.1980)

3. Gregory Edward Michel (b.1954) wed Jewel E. Eberle

a. Misti Michel

b. Shawn Michel (b.1984)

B. Carmella "Cam" Domino (b.1927) wed Charles "Chuckles" Somers (1928-1994)

1. Denise Somers (b.1955) (IL)

2. Charles Walter Somers (b.1957) wed Kathleen Sue Wernick

3. Colleen Loretta Somers (b.1958) wed Michael M. Martin

4. Mark James Somers (b.1960) wed Susan Beth Elling (AZ)

5. Pamela Ann Somers (b.1962) wed Randy Lee Livingston

C. Joseph John Domino (1931-2002) wed Dolores S. Proscer (b.1932) (Rockford, IL)

1. John Joseph Domino (b.1951) wed Nancy Rae Johnson

2. Mark J. Domino (1957-2013)

3. Dawn Marie Domino (b.1959) Ralph Musselman

4. Joseph John Domino, Jr. (b.1961) wed Kristina Elizabeth Metheny

5. Michael J. Domino (b.1963) wed Cindy J. Wedler (IL)


  • Frances Mildred Domino (1901-1989)(#5)
  • Joseph John Cuccia (1894-1949)

A. Anna Josephine Cuccia (1923-2004) wed Harry Gilbert Conant (1921-1975)

1. Robert Joseph Conant (b.1947) wed Margot Joan Lyon (IL)

a. Michelle Conant (b.1968) wed Kevin DePauw (IL)

b. David Conant (b.1969) (IL).

2. Rita Anne Conant (b.1951) wed Michael E. Cantrall

a. Todd Michael Cantrall (b.1975)

b. Kimberly Ann Cantrall (b.1978)

B. Mary Frances Cuccia (b.1931) wed Marvin Ray Horr (b.1923)


  • Jennie Marie Domino (1903-1997) (#6)
  • Gagliano (James) Marinelli (1898-1928)(1st husband)
  • Arcangelo (Angelo) Incelli (1895-1972)(2nd husband)

A. Agnes Joan Marinelli (1923-2005) wed John Norman Rathke (1924-2000)

1. James Edwin Rathke (b.1956) wed Patricia Ann Thompson

2. Patricia Joan Rathke (b.1961) (Rockford, IL)

B. Josephine "Jo" Marie Marinelli (1928-1995) wed (1st marriage) Leonard Schmauss (1928-1954) & wed (2nd marriage) Francis Patrick McEntee (1931-2007)

1. Jolen Marie Schmauss (b.1954) wed Dana Dolabany (Norwell, MA)

2. Patrick J. McEntee (b.1964) wed Ellen Nafzger (Castle Rock, CO)


  • Margaret Mary Domino (1904-1964) (#7)
  • Michele Pollari (Michael Pollare) (1892-1974)

A. Joseph Saverio Pollare (b.1929) wed Dolores Blanche Johnson (Cheyenne, WY)

1. Kathleen Pollare (b.1956) wed Harold "Hash" Gile, III (Laramie, WY)

2. John Joseph Pollare (b.1961)

B. Mary Frances Pollare (b.1930) wed Clyde "Flip" Harris, Jr. (1927-2008) (Rockford, IL)

1. Cynthia Ann Harris (b.1954) wed Michael John O’Brien (Rockton, IL)

2. Susan Marie Harris (b.1956) wed Casey Noble

3. Stephanie Ruth Harris (b,1961) wed Steven Bauling (Rockford, IL)

4. Daniel Michael Harris (b.1963) wed Deborah Mae Herbig (Machesney Park, IL)

5. Mary Frances Harris (b.1971) wed John J. Jaminski (Evanston, IL)


C. Michael Eugene Pollare (b.1938) wed Rosemary Anne Roberts (b.1941)

1. Lori Ann Pollare (b.1960) (Rockford, IL)

2. (Michael) James Pollare (b.1962) (Sebastopol, CA)

3. Julie Marie Pollare (b.1968) wed Kevin A. Lempke


  • Mary Jane Domino (1906-1999)(#8)
  • Cesare (Chester) Zeppieri (1899-1994)

A. Emma Jane Zeppieri (1935-1997) (Rockford, IL)

B. Chester Joseph Zeppieri (b.1942) wed Josephine Antoinette Cicero (b.1941) (Rolling Meadows, IL)

1. Mary Angelique Zeppieri (b.1966)

2. Peter Chester Zeppieri (b.1968)


  • Anne (Anna) Emily Domino (1907-1967)(#9)
  • Leonard "Leo" Dominic Ginestra (1905-1987)

A. Annette Ginestra (b.1939) wed Salvatore (Sam) Attardo (1928-2003) (Vernon Hills, IL)

1. Anne Carmela Attardo (b.1975) wed Christopher Hayes (Wheeling, IL)


  • Peter John Domino (1908-1995)(#10)
  • Mildred Charlotte Wendt (1914-1995)

A. Joann Domino (b.1934) wed Charles Ferolie (1932-1990)

1. Victoria M. Ferolie (b.1955) wed James L. Lambert

2. Mary Ferolie (b.1956) wed Dennis Jennings (Winnebago, IL)

3. Thomas Joseph Ferolie (b.1958) wed Judith Ann McKinnon (Byron, IL)

B. Elizabeth "Betty" Jean Domino (1936-2002) wed Earl Halstead (1919-1994)

1. Peter John Halstead (b.1966) wed Michelle Dhuse (Kenosha, WI)

C. Peter Anthony Domino (b.1950) wed Sharon Lynn Reed (b.1950) (Rockford, IL)

1. Heather Domino (b.1975) wed Rodrigo Rodriguez (Sumter, SC)

2. Peter Joseph Domino (b.1980)


  • Catherine Gertrude Domino (1910-2005)(#11)
  • Peter William Martignoni (1910-1972)

A. Shirley Ann Martignoni (b.1935) wed Eugene Fedeli (b.1936)

1. Lisa Marie Fedeli (b.1968) wed Christopher Hughes (Grosse Pointe, MI)


  • Sebastian "Buster" John Domino (1918-1981)(#12)
  • Helen Josephine Kordash (1920-2005)

A. Catherine Domino (b.1949) wed Bob Stanlick (Charleston, SC)

B. Mary Denise Domino (b.1954) wed George Thomas Belt (1st marriage, 1973); wed Steven J. Magnuson (2nd marriage, 1981)



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