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Carl & Mary Gerolamo


Calogero (Carl) Gerolamo (1901-1971)

Mary Francesca Gerolamo (1905-1993)

  • Bess Mangiameli (1925-2013)
  • Yano Mangiameli (1922-2000)
  • Marian McKeehan (b.1955)(Orange, CA)
  • Jim McKeehan
  • Joe Mangiameli (b.1958)(Sequim, WA)
  • Teri Mangiameli
  • Sarah Mangiameli (b.1988)
  • John Joseph Mangiameli (b.1992)
  • Samantha Christy Mangiameli
  • Steven Sebastian Mangiameli (b.1996)
  • Michal Esther Breitbach Mangiameli
  • Francis (Frank) DiGerolamo (1927-2010)
  • Dorita DiGerolamo (b.1927)
  • Francis (Frank) Anthony DiGerolamo (b.1958)
  • Nicole Francine Oballe (b.1983)
  • Matthew Douglas DiGerolamo (B.1987)
  • John DiGerolamo (b.1961)
  • Jennifer DiGerolamo
  • Holly DiGerolamo (b.1986)
  • Nicolas DiGerolamo (b.1991)
  • Joseph DiGerolamo (b.1993)
  • Timothy DiGerolamo (b.1995)
  • Mary Gramm (b.1962)
  • William Gramm
  • David DiGerolamo (b.1963)
  • Sherrie Lell DiGerolamo
  • Michael DiGerolamo (b.1990)
  • Alexis DiGerolamo (b.1993)
  • Olivia DiGerolamo (b.1995)
  • Paul DiGerolamo (b.1964)
  • Jonathon DiGerolamo (b.1984)
  • Samuel DiGerolamo (b.1997)
  • Tiara DiGerolamo (b.2006)
  • Nicholas Carl (Nick) Gerolamo (b.1939)(Camarillo, CA)
  • Margaret Gerolamo
  • Alicia Bettencourt (b.1979)
  • John Bettencourt
  • Nicholas Bettencourt (b.2009)
  • Gabriel Gerolamo (b.1982)
  • Yahua Tsai Gerolamo
  • Anthony Gerolamo (b.2007)
  • Ethan Gerolamo (b.2009)
  • Matthew Gerolamo (b.1987)


Note - by 1940, Carl had changed the spelling of his name from Carl DiGerolamo to Carl D. Gerolamo. Both spellings are used above. Nick and his children use Gerolamo, Frank and his children use DiGerolamo.

(city/state shown is current residence)


Family Photos

Carl & Mary Gerolamo with children Bess & Frank


Tim, Yano, Mary, Joan and Bess (1986 - CA)


John DiGerolamo, Frank DiGerolamo (Sr), Mary Gramm and Tim Maggio (1986)


Dora and Frank DiGerolamo (Sr), Tim Maggio and Paul DiGerolamo (1986)


Jim McKeehan, Bess & Yano Mangiameli, Joan D'Gerolamo, Tim Maggio, Frank & Dora DiGerolamo (1996)


Marian & Jim McKeehan, Bess and Yano Mangiameli, and Frank DiGerolamo (1996)


Tim Maggio, Frank and Dora DiGerolamo (1996)


Marian, Yano, Tim and Bess (1996)


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