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Anna & Tony Villani


  • Anna Villani (1907-1954)
  • Tony Villani (1904-1954)
  • James (Jimmy) Villani (1931-2012)(Springfield, IL)
  • Clara Villani
  • Roma Hailman (b.1956)(Rockford, IL)
  • Mark Hailman (deceased)
  • Ann Villani (b.1958)(Athens, IL)
  • Andrea Simeone
  • Tony Villani (b.1962)(Rockford, IL)
  • Roberta Villani (deceased)
  • Cody Villani (b.1991)
  • Marissa Villani (b.1993)


(city/state shown is current residence)


Family Photos


Jimmy and Anna Villani


Catherine Domino Martignoni, Anna Villani and Rose Monachello


Jimmy and Anna Villani, John D'Gerolamo, Rose Monachello, Nunzio DiBattista, Catherine Domino Martignoni and Cyril Monachello


Nunzio DiBattista, Cyril Monachello, Pete Martignoni, Jimmy Villani and John D'Gerolamo


Anna Villani with CL Spedale (1952-Baton Rouge, LA)


Anna Villani


Anna Villani


Jimmy Villani


Jimmy, Anna, Frances, Moma, Tim, Gloria(?) and CL


(Standing) Annette, Mark & Roma Hailman, and Michael Monachello (mid to late 1990's)


Tony Villani


Clara & James Villani (1998-Red Bank, NJ)


Tim, Clara & James Villani, Josie and Pat (1998-Red Bank, NJ)


Michael, Kim and Roma - a surprise meeting between Kim and Roma during their separate 2011 vacations in Las Vegas became the catalyst for the 2012 D'Gerolamo reunion.

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